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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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y steubenville all rallied in support of the 16-year-old virginiawestvirginia victim and asking for the high school coach to be removed in what many people claim is a cover up of athletes. >> cenk: and then of course in india we have a similar issue. they're also outraged of rape of a woman and five men are accused. they haveshe has now passed away so they're being tried on murder. and some of them unfortunately the protesters i feel tremendous empathy for, but some of them say that they should not have lawyers. i would not go in that direction. i'm absolutely amazed that a thousand protesters showed up in the middle of ohio. you don't under how hard it is
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to get a thousand protesters anywhere. but anonymous in steubenville. if you haven't heard of story it's an amazing one. >> this alleged rape happened in august of 2012 and no one was really talking about it until anonymous got involved and shed light on this situation. the reason why anonymous did so was because it turns out that officials in steubenville, ohio, were trying to brush the situation under the rug. there were numerous individuals involved in this alleged rape, and only two of the football players of the steubenville football team are being charged. others are being charged as juveniles as opposed to adults. however, anonymous has gotten involved, and they want to bring awareness to all the other individuals involved in this case, one is michael who
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recorded a 12-minute video bragging about the rape of this 16-year-old girl. >> cenk: we've shown that before, but only the two football players are being charged. >> correct. >> cenk: the guy who was videoed for 12 minutes admitted. >> yes they're using un unconventional evidence like hacking to bring for a the evidence. but it is to bring justice to the girl who was raped. protesters gathered outside of jefferson county courthouse. now city officials are trying to fight back with a website known as steubenville facts where they're trying to stand up for the football players. let's listen to one city official make her case. >> from the attorney general's office are not from the city of steubenville. nor are they from jefferson county. the bureau of criminal
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investigation agents are not from the city of steubenville. and just to let you know, many outsiders think that big red football runs the town. just as some facts many of the steubenville city officers graduated from somewhere else. >> that is quite possibly the dumbest argument that i've ever heard in my life. just because you didn't go to high school in steubenville does not mean that you have bias. really the reality is it's a small town that has one thing going for it, and it's the football team. and it experiences steep economic decline and it is their escapeism watching those football teams. it's like their pride. >> cenk: i think you're too harsh on her. it's like saying that the proper cuters areprosecutors are not from
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that town. >> one of the proper prosecutors had ties to the fable team. there are some issues from this trial coming out. >> cenk: an interesting article called "steubenville rape case: does america have an unadmitted rape problem. kayla, let me start with you. so you're from pittsburgh. you went all the way to steubenville. why did you make this extraordinary effort. >> yeah, i'm from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and i drove all the way to steubenville with me and my friend. we went there. this case really hit home for me. the fact that all of this evidence was not brought up, and the right people are not being charged. there are only two charged when there are multiple involved, it
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turned my stomach and made me sick. i wanted to go there to show her that she's not alone and she has supporters all over the country that support her. it's touching and heartbreaking that this is happening so close to home. >> cayla, i have a question for you, just playing devil's advocate, why don't you allow justice to take it's course. the case is supposed to start in early february. what is your response to critics that are saying that anonymous is jumping the gun here? >> i don't think they're jumping the gun at all. if they wouldn't have gotten involved, i honestly think that so much evidence that should be in this case would not have been brought in front. it would have been swept under the rug. no one would have heard about it. no one would have seen the video. she wouldn't have got the trial she deserves. there is a lot of rumors. you don't know exactly what is true. but just the stuff that
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anonymous has dug up and brought forward that helped her get the justice she deserves. with the petition, the video being brought up, the tweets, the facebook they're doing awesome with this, and i greatly appreciate them. i honestly, like, i give them a lot of credit. i think it's great what they're doing. >> cenk: cayla, i notice you don't have a mask. does that mean you're not officially part of the anonymous. >> i do own a mask, but i'm not wearing it. when i went to the protest i did wear the mask. i wore it off and on. i spoke at the protest and i wore a mask myself. but i'm not a specific member as in-- >> cenk: you didn't do-- >> i didn't help organize. >> cenk: i got you. andrea you write about the culture rape. is that too strong of a language. especially in steubenville, so we have a rape case.
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we're trying the rape case. should more people be charged but to say that it's a culture rape goes too far, they would say. what do you say about that. >> it's an argument that has been said for a long time. what is rape culture and americans don't condone rape, but then every single day when a new rape case comes out, "the new york times" says that an 11-year-old girl lured men into her web. it's impossible to think that there isn't a rape culture. it's in the victim-blaming, the over-sexualization of women, the abuse of women like in books like "50 shades of gray." that's what rape culture is. >> cenk: i think you went to far. i got it for my wife, and she laughed and enjoyed what a silly book it was but it doesn't going to the culture of rape. >> no, it's a terrible book that
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promotes the idea of abuse that should be romanceized. >> okay, agree to disagree. >> okay. >> cenk: a man slept with a woman without her knowledge or consent while she was sleeping, but because she was unmarried they said it's not rape. that can't be true. what happened there. >> it was an old law from 1872 that was still on the books and the defense brought it up in the appeals. justices said while they were disappointed that they had to go by this particular letter of the law they were bound by it, and so had the woman been married it would have been rape. but because she wasn't, it doesn't recognize it as rape. to me that plays into the idea that there is a rape culture and the fact that it does exist. >> cenk: yeah, that's an amazing
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story. cayla, one last question for you, what is it that you want to getget out of these protests? if x happened, you would be happy and you would say good, that's just? >> what i want to get out of this is i want more people to be aware that this is going on not only in steubenville, but i'm sure it's going on in multiple towns where just evidence of crimes is being swept under the rug. and i want jane doe, that's what we're calling her that she gets the justice she deserves. she'll get the trial that this deserves. it won't be swept under the rug or anything. i want her to get justice and make sure that her trial is fair. it should be--this trial should be also fair to the alleged rapists, also. just a fair trial all around, but i definitely want to see
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justice. there is so much evidence that points that this happened that she has to win. >> cenk: of course when you say the trial she deserves, you mean the trial of the defendants and she would get justice. we'll see if they charge the baseball player, and we never would have known about the baseball player without the hacking of anonymous. you fight with the weapons you have right. >> right. >> cenk: we'll see how it all plays out. cayla and andrea very interesting conversation. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. >> when. >> cenk: when we come back, nbc and ms nbc doing a tremendous story on the tax breaks from fiscal cliff. an incredible story and you want to see the details. >> the well-connected take most
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of the advantage of all the deductions and all the give aways and the tax cuts. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking? destined to take them over. ♪ ♪ the sirius xm satellite radio in the 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram. the new ram 1500. motor trend's 2013 truck of the year.
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>> cenk: all right, we're back on "the young turks." we were talking about the fiscal cliff deal and giving a perspective you're probably not seeing it elsewhere although you are seeing it on nbc and ms nbc, because of michael isakoff. said there are so many corporate
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tax breaks that end up being more, let me show you a graph. tim cartney put this graphic together. we took away $68 billion in tax cuts and gave $62 billion in tax increases so that it actually added to the deficit. it's insanity. now i'll give you chuck todd talking about the piece on ms nbc. >> the offshore financing tax break. majority leader trent lott and senator bro were paid $1.5 million from citigroup. a lobbying firm was paid $560,000 and another $350,000 to
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lobby for a wind energy tax credit. possibly the biggest player here was capital tax partners, capital one and goldman sachs among the big banks that paid the firm $2.2 million, and another $700,000 to keep the tax depreciation down low. and another $490,000 from movie producers. >> cenk: now all the turks are here, but if you don't watch the show, none of them are turkish. this is bribery. they paid $2.2 billion and get $11 billion back in one of the cases. am i seeing this wrong or this is obviously legalized bribery. >> yeah, definitely, but how is it different from what we see over and over again. >> what is different these are all for industries that will create jobs. without these tax breaks the jobs wouldn't be available.
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that's the argument being made. in some cases that's true, but in rare cases is that true. >> cenk: corporations made the same argument in 2004 when they wanted a repatriatation tax holiday. they wanted to bring in their profits from overseas. after their brought in their profits that were taxed at 5% rather than 35% they cut jobs in america. wow, i didn't see that coming. >> we're supposed to pay more attention to this, and as was said this has happened so many times. how does this translate into something finally doing something about it. american people, oh, jobs are being created. every time we give our money away to someone else, when do we realize that it's not happening to get into american households to see how it changes. >> cenk: you're 100% right about that. i'm giving credit to ms nbc for covering this story because this
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is how we get to this information, and people knowing about it. but whenever they talk about oh, we need the jobs, the job creators and so we need the taxes. why don't we give the tax cut to regular folks? for example they took away the payroll tax. i don't agree with the payroll tax cuts because i'm worried about social security and i'm worried about social security. they didn't talk about job creation when they took that away and it affects all of us. >> when you see the people who are ringing rum here, rum importers, they're getting the tax breaks. when you look at the motion picture industry which does not bring a lot of sympathy because there is a lot of money in there. but these tax breaks do allow them to shoot movies in states. >> cenk: there is some point to that because they could go to canada. but this is a massively
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profitable industry. >> i'm not defending it. i was going to show the other side which is exactly what you said. there is always another side to that story. these are tax breaks for those who seek tax breaks and have the savvy to put money behind it. you see those who were employed to get them the tax breaks with the lobbying, that's how to works. >> cenk: just really quick so you all get an understanding the motion picture association put in $500,000. they got back $150 million. i don't know why we're not buying senators in congress. it's a great investment. politicians who turned lobbyists evan bayh. bob bennet of utah. byron degan of indiana. and kit bond, bar stupak, and
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earl pomeroy and you notice it's a really bipartisan list. >> when you say it's a bipartisan list there are only three republicans on that list but these are people who became eligible to lobby their former colleagues because they lost or retired in 2010. in 2010 more democrats lost so it stands to figure that more democrats would be on this list. >> cenk: coming back next segment we have an interesting story about a man who served eight years in prison. who did he marry? a 35-year-old. they're making a reality show out of it. then the president of uruguay. you're going to be amazed at how little money he makes and where he lives. >> no person can honestly tell me that i have the liberal to
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>> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." i love this next story. they're going to do a reality show called "the governor's wife." who is the governor? edwin edwards four terms as louisiana's governor and spent eight years in federal prison for corruption. that's in the old days when we put politicians away for corruption. he's 85 years old marries this woman who is in her 30s and then they decided to a reality show about it. >> federal prison and home detention behind him now, former louisiana governor edwin edwards first public appearance with his fiancé at his side. edwards took his first steps towards a new life. >> enjoying my new life with my
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next wife. >> every time i think i can't be amazed more, he proves me wrong. >> cenk: i'm amazed by you. that's unbelievable. do you know that edwards has two daughters who are--one is 62 years old and another is a 60-year-old ex-show girl. they're going to have a new mom that is literally half their age. >> you would almost be unseemly if he was dating someone his daughter's age. >> cenk: he's dating someone like his granddaughter's age. >> yes. >> cenk: but he's in prison and they start a pen pal relationship. what is wrong with her? is she a gold digger? >> what do you mean what is wrong with her. >> cenk: do you think she's crazy. >> i don't think she's crazy. i think she knows what she's doing. she's looking for a certain type of lifestyle and that's exactly what she's getting. >> cenk: and he got put away for corruption and he still has that lifestyle. >> edwin edwards was a bigger than life figure in laws louisiana.
4:53 pm
he was elected over an over. >> cenk: is it unacceptable for me to like him? he's a corrupt politician but comes out of prison at 85 and says what now. >> it's an louisiana asterisk you can like him. >> what is the reason for watching this show, but michael and cenk you've given reasons why you might want to watch. >> i definitely will be watching. >> i absolutely will not be watching. >> cenk: oh really? speaking of which michael, you have the next story. >> it's an amazing story. the president of uruguay as we were debating what to call the country before the segment. the president of uruguay mr. mujica. pepe mujica is what he's known as over there. he is president of a forward- forward-thinking country. he fought the government, 14 years in solitary confinement in
4:54 pm
prison. when asked if they killed anybody, he said there were unfortunate things that happened. 'sflower farmer by trade. he still lives in his house. hee schewed the home that the president would live in to live in his home. his net worth is $1,800. >> cenk: his net worth is $1,800? can you imagine. >> he gives 90% of his salary away to the poor, to housing programs to the pore. >> i think we have a bbc report on him. >> mr. mujica is a handyman about the house. he's not a man who enjoys a life of luxury, but he's also the president of uruguay and has
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been dubbed by the international media as the poorest president in the world. >> this is the house of the president of uruguay. he says he owns just two vehicles. small amount of property, and his farmhouse. he also donates 90% of the salary, $12,000 a month to charity. >> he is pro legalization of marijuana, pro abortion and blow gay marriage. he's progressive in a country that is conservative. >> cenk: and would you want your president to live like that? really? definitely that would be awesome. all our guys are mega millionaires. gee, i wonder how they got that money. >> not all of them are. truman carter and even obama
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before he wrote his book. >> cenk: obama is a multimillionaire now right. when we come back we'll end the show. >> what a way to start the day. (vo) followed by "talking liberally with stephanie miller" >> this is big for me. only on current tv.
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